What are the Benefits of an Enclosed Scooter?

An enclosed scooter is a very unique type of mobility scooter. If you’ve never seen one in person, they almost look like a mini car! In fact, some users refer to them as mobility cars or scooter car. With its unique design and cover, it makes them very enticing to those looking for something large, durable, and with a far drive range. Plus, its comfort features are unbeatable. Before we dive right into the benefits of an enclosed scooter, we have a broad overview of what an enclosed scooter even is.

Enclosed Scooter Overview

Enclosed scooters are very unique when compared to other models of mobility scooters. As the name implies, an enclosed scooter has sides and a roof that covers the scooter. Usually, the canopy is made of thick plastic with metal reinforcements. Typically the covers are not removable. Now, let’s jump into all of the benefits of an enclosed mobility scooter.

Protection from the Elements

The number one reason that individuals choose an enclosed scooter over a regular scooter is the protection it provides from the elements. These are very popular for individuals living in areas that have a lot of rainy weather, like Seattle and other areas along the West Coast. They have features like windshield wipers and lighting systems that come in handy if you are driving in the rain or dark. Like most other mobility scooters, it is water-resistant and not water-proof. But, the added layer of protection helps to keep its technology as dry as possible.


Enclosed scooters offer a variety of unique features that make them a very popular choice of mobility scooters. Below are just a few of the top features that entice users to choose an enclosed mobility scooter over a traditional mobility scooter.

Locking Doors

Just like a car, when you are done with your enclosed scooter, you can simply lock the doors. This can help you keep your belongings safe and give you a sense of security. In addition, if you no longer drive a car, this can help you resonate your scooter with your previous years of driving. We have heard many times from our clients that they enjoy treating their enclosed scooter like a car as it provides a sense of independence.

Removable Doors

The Shoprider Flagship model of enclosed scooter comes with doors on either side of the scooter. While the top and sides may not be removable, the doors can be removed on this model. This can be useful if you are wanting to get some fresh air while driving, find it difficult getting in with the doors on, or are cleaning your scooter. This is a fantastic feature that the Shoprider Flagship offers, and a lot of our clients enjoy it. 

Full Suspension

With any large or outdoor mobility scooter, a full suspension is important. A good suspension will ensure that your ride is comfortable even over bumpy terrains like curbs, grass, and even gravel. A full suspension is also very important if you have any body pain, as the bumpier the ride, the more strain it could cause to your back, neck, and even legs.

Windshield Wipers

As I mentioned earlier, enclosed scooters often have windshield wipes, just like a car. This can help improve your visibility while driving in rain or light snow. This added safety feature will ensure that you are comfortable driving your scooter on a daily basis. Don’t forget your wiper fluid! Yes, it even has a reservoir for you to fill with fluid to ensure your windshield is getting cleaned properly.


While you may think that there are not a lot of accessories that are compatible with such a large scooter, that is surprisingly incorrect! There are a variety of accessories that are compatible, including baskets, covers, and cup holders. Accessories can make your scooter even more comfortable and personalized.


Some mobility scooter users believe that their scooter is too small or out in the open. This can even make some feel unsafe using their scooter. With an enclosed scooter, you can feel much safer as it is a large and sturdy machine. Perfect for long trips! Keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to use this scooter in confined places, like apartment buildings and some elevators due to its large turn radius. While most wouldn’t want to use an enclosed scooter indoors, it’s still important to touch on.

Shoprider Flagship Enclosed Scooter

The best-selling and first enclosed scooter on the market is the Flagship by Shoprider. This luxury model sells thousands in the United States and across Europe every year. We have touched on the Shoprider Flagship a few times in this article, discussing some of its standout features and other benefits. With their unbeatable warranty and features, it’s hard to not want a Flagship for yourself! It comes in both red and blue, allowing you to further customize your scooter. Take your mobility to the next level with a Shoprider Flagship purchased with Scooter Country.

Final Words

As you can see, enclosed scooters are a great option for individuals looking for a luxury mobility scooter and anticipate using their scooter outdoors. This scooter boasts impressive features, benefits, and style. If you have any questions about the Shoprider Flagship, do not hesitate to reach out we are happy to help! 


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