Service Contracts Duration- Description MAP MSRP
1 YEAR SERVICE – SC 1 Year Service- Travel Scooter $90.00 $150.00
2 YEAR SERVICE – SC 2 Year Service- Travel Scooter $150.00 $250.00
3 YEAR SERVICE – SC 3 Year Service- Travel Scooter $270.00 $450.00

Purchasing Service Plans Procedure for Requesting Service

  • Select 1, 2 or 3 year contract options
  • Effective date starts when product is purchased by the customer
  • Contracts can only be purchased at the point of sales (can’t be purchased after the fact)
  • Contracts are valid on scooter and standard number power wheelchairs


Service Plan Cover Labor Costs

  • During the contract period specific parts costs are covered under warranty, these parts and time periods are specified in the owner’s manual
  • After parts warranty has expired there may be charges for any additional parts needed.


What is Not Covered Under War-

  • Any damage or issue that was caused by product misuse. Misuse is outlined in the product owner’s manual
  • Instructional use of product
  • Programming to customer’s needs
  • Adjustments or fittings to meet customer’s needs
  • Issues regarding, fabric, tires or any wear-and-tear components
  • Shipping Damage or product set-up
  • Batteries


Procedure for Requesting Service

  • Customers should call Merits Health Products to request service at 1-800-963-7487
    Information needed to process Service Call:
     -Model and Serial Number
     -Customer’s name, address and phone number
     -A detailed description of issue
  • Customer should discontinue use of product immediately upon discovery of problem
  • Technical service will enter all information and request a technician dispatch 
  • The closest technician will be contacted and given a work order to complete the repairs
  • Field service jobs are typically set up in 24-48 hours of initial request
  • The customer is contacted within 24hrs of the job being set-up to advise them who will be calling to schedule a home visit.
  • If there is no technician in the area one will be recruited. This process can take up to 5-7 business days depending on the location.
  • Upon receipt of parts the technician will contact the customer to set-up an appointment that.


Merrits Warranty Service

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